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Planet CPR Limited was established in the State of Nevada as an LLC in November, 2010 and offers the revolutionary new Science of Sustainable Integration, providing the only complete solution for everyone on the planet.

The “Science of Sustainable Integration” is essentially combining viable and sustainable solutions for problems facing virtually every human being living on this third planet from the sun. Planet CPR Limited is divided into four major divisions, each addressing a completely separate, yet crucial component of sustainability. To delve into each of the divisions and adequately explain the full extent and breadth of what we cover, could not be achieved in a single business plan. 

Therefore, only 5 examples per each of the 4 divisions (ie, 20 different technologies/services) will be presented to demonstrate the extensive depth and breadth of Planet CPR Limited and the products and/or services that it offers. The 4 major divisions of Planet CPR Limited are as follows:

  • Division of Renewable Energy and Resources
  • Division of Sustainable Living and Technology
  • Division of Advanced Medicine and Longevity
  • Division of Functional Nutrition and Prevention

In addition, all the major managing members of Planet CPR, Ltd. include a number of prior military service veterans who all served in some of the most elite components of the U.S. Military. The objective is clearly marked and the mission is clearly stated. Together, this group truly defines the meaning of “Sustainability” and “Team”.

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