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Vapor Permeable, Waterproof, Mold Resistant, Sound and Thermal Isolative, Fire Retardant Building Material


The use of this unique building material (which will eventually eliminate the need for standard wood or steel construction as well as the need for dry wall during the construction process) eliminates VOC’s and POPs from our living environment. The technology just won 1st place in a FEMA test out of 180 competitive products and was used to construct the largest 4 buildings in the world as well as used in the construction of the Pentagon and White House. This material prevents Mold, is Rust Resistant, Waterproof, Breathable, Fire Retardant, and provides both Thermal and Acoustical Insulation. Furthermore, the basic building material is rated for 150 mph winds, is ecologically friendly, has no outguessing issues and is lighter to ship.

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