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Advanced Medicine and Longevity

Dermaceuticals - 11 Highly Unique, Extremely Efficacious Medical Solutions


The Dermaceutical line includes such successful products as Arth-aleiv (eliminates joint pain from old fracture sites and arthritis in less than 45 seconds) and Trans-D Tropin (the first and only substance that mimics the same laboratory findings as found in a caloric restriction which is the ONLY proven method to increase life span). 

In addition, the importance of a clean external environment (housing) along with the Facts on Toxicity videos outlining the necessity of having a clean internal environment (videos available for free) will help educate and empower those who wish to understand the true nature of disease and how not only to prevent disease but totally eliminate it. 

All Dermaceutical products are highly efficacious, with some of the products having results that are evident to the end user usually within minutes to hours of application. Currently, the specific Dermaceuticals being discussed are being shipped to over 70 countries and enjoy a remarkable success rate rarely if ever seen in internet sales. All the Dermaceuticals sold through this line have a 100% money back guarantee and have been in production over the last 12 years.

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