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100% Mechanical Energy Storage, "Battery - Less" Battery


Full disclosure of this amazing combination of renewable technologies which allows for highly efficient energy storage without dependence on lithium or cadmium based batteries can not be made in this business plan. However, the technologies utilized to bring this extremely innovative and advanced mechanical system are oblivious and refractory to high levels of electromagnetic bursts (as seen with increased solar flares and intense solar activity or as seen with man made weapons designed to disrupt transportation, communication and power). 

This system will be available to the retail market but is also applicable in large commercial applications, utilizing an advanced technology combining a number of renewable energy methodologies, creating an Environmentally Friendly, Battery-Less Energy Storage and Management System which will provide a clean, efficient, focused solution to toxic energy storage methods. This system also provides a fully mechanical method of storing renewable energy when wind/solar are either not optimum, or help capture and storing additional yield from green energy sources to compensate during periods of greater load. This provides an incredible solution for solar and wind power companies who will either become retailers or customers.

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