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The company is divided into four major divisions representing the four major streams of revenue with combined over 500 products, divided into 20 general products and service categories: 

 ‚óŹ Division of Renewable Energy and Resources

 ‚óŹ Division of Sustainable Living and Technology

 ‚óŹ Division of Advanced Medicine and Longevity

 ‚óŹ Division of Functional Nutrition and Prevention

Planet CPR Limited presents currently 20 Products & Services in 4 Main Divisions

Renewable Energy and Resources

Sustainable Living and Technology

Advanced Medicine and Longevity

Functional Nutrition and Prevention

Kryptenlite Based Advanced Windmill Design and Wind Power Solution

WET Technology Ultimate Water Purification and Restructuring Solution 

Most Efficacious and Established Medical Technology Implementation - International Clinics

Organic, Raw, Functional and Therapeutic, Nutritionally Dense Foods

Solar Housing and Racking System Providing Solution to the Solar Industry

Waste Water Management System

Health, Medical, Prevention and Wellness Educational and Informational Technologies

Highest Quality Raw Nutritional and Functional Food Bulk Items

EARTH CPR Sustainable Housing Construction and System Integration

Sustainable Energy Reduction Rainforest Grow House System

Fully Sustainable Global Medical and Wellness Ecotourism Resorts

BioPhotonic, Resonance Enhancing Nutrition Solutions

Holden HP Turbine

Magnetic Vortex Water Optimization Technology

11 Highly Unique, Extremely Efficacious Medical Solutions - Dermaceuticals

Next Generation Preventive and Functional Superfoods

Vapor Permeable, Waterproof, Mold Resistant, Isolative, Fire Retardant Building Material

Stand Alone Technology of 100% Mechanical Energy Storage, "Battery-less" Battery

Over 70 Highly Unique, Effective Health and Prevention Products - Nutraceuticals

Retail, Wholesale, Distribution and Franchise Components in Place

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