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The Holden HP (Hydro Power) Turbine - Technical Overview


A Revolution in Hydro Power Design and Efficiency

The Holden HP Turbine is a highly unique innovative turbine designed to generate hydro power using not only river and lake water as standard hydro turbines do, but also sewage water, salt water and waste run-off water as well as, with specific modifications, compressed air and steam. The actual unit has a rectangular housing with the cylindrical rotor turbine which contains a 2 stage turbine. This 2 stage turbine is mounted back to back and separated by the center plate by a split drum. The unit is exhausted to the atmosphere from the center of the split drum to the inner cavity of the rectangular housing.

Each stage of the Holden HP Turbine is composed of an impulse, cross flow and reaction turbine combined together as a single unit, essentially creating 3 turbines in one. The continuity of the impulse and cross flow drives combines with the reaction drive which is formed by half of the split drum with tangential exit ports at the center cavity of the housing. This creates a highly unique model that is well advanced and far more efficient than any other hydro turbine on the planet today. As if that were not enough, the Holden HP Turbine additionally works on variable flows as well as variable pressure, which no other developed turbine on the market can provide.

The impulse and cross flow turbines are composed of multiple blades radiating from a central hub outward towards the periphery of the rotor. The impulse rotor is directly driven by the jets of liquid or gas being used to generate the power, emitting from nozzles located at opposing ends of the housing. The fluid (or gas if modified) continues to cross-flow through the ports between blades, into the central split drum under pressure where the fluid (or gas) is ejected into the inner cavity of the housing through tangentially-oriented nozzles, which extract rotational torque from the remaining pressure in the drum, thus improving overall efficiency by capturing kinetic energy normally lost in the conventional single stage impulse hydro turbines.

  • Multiple-stage turbine
  • Combines impulse and reaction components
  • Has variable flow design
  • No dam is required
  • Low maintenance
  • Increased efficiency up to 30%
  • Has high durability


Turbine Comparisons:
















Cross flow















Variable flow





Variable pressure















Dam overflow





Dam retrofit





Dam required





Holden Turbine Advantages

Lower cost – The Holden HP Turbine produces significantly greater energy output compared to other hydro turbine options on the market. In addition, the Holden HP Turbine is less expensive than other hydro power to implement simply because it is economically feasible to manufacture and much less expensive to install.

Low maintenance cost – The Holden HP Turbine is designed to have the lowest maintenance cost of any turbine in the industry. This includes unique features that reduce friction and eliminate electronics that are prone to breaking down. Even more important, the Holden HP Turbine is 100% mechanical which means, if there are high intensity solar flares or there is any type of disruption to the electronic grid, there are no electronics to break down. What this means to you is undisturbed and constant energy output, thus redefining “100% mechanical systems”. In addition, the Holden HP Turbine has all the bearings and seals located outside the turbine to make any changes easy to conduct. And with the unique horizontal axis turbine design, the Holden HP Turbine is designed to last for decades.

Improved efficiency – Due to the unique two-stage design and the proprietary hydrodynamic friction reduction yield unique only to the Holden HP Turbine, there is an increase in power generation. This means that a smaller Holden HP Turbine unit can produce the same output as much larger competitive unit, thereby substantially accelerating the return on investment.

No dam required – The Holden HP Turbine can be utilized for in-conduit installations, can be used in pressure relief dumps for harnessing wasted energy, can be used “in line of stream” applications and can be excellent for “run of the river” applications, plus more. There is nothing better for generating hydropower on the planet than the Holden HP Turbine, representing the most significant advance in hydro power generation in the last 100 years. 

For existing dams – The Holden HP Turbine can also add more generating capacity by attaching to the overflow, or it can be used to replace the primary generation turbines if necessary. Even more importantly, the Holden HP Turbine is the only solution which can be installed on dams which are out of commission due to silting or low water levels and allow them to be productive again within 72 hours if needed.

Compatible with all generators – The Holden HP Turbine is designed to mate to any off-the-shelf generators and utilize off-the-shelf bearings to reduce costs, providing links to both AC and DC generators.

Portability – Even the 30MW unit is designed to fit on a flat-bed truck. The small 25kW unit can be lifted into any location. The Holden HP Turbines can be transported to virtually any remote site in the world and can easily be moved into place using helicopter lifts.

Longevity – The Holden HP Turbine is prefabricated and designed to last for decades. The Holden HP Turbine is not cast like all other turbines, which can break from any shock event.

No cavitations – A dual stage pressurized design in the Holden HP Turbine eliminates cavitations and subsequent internal damage, reducing maintenance requirements and extending the service life of the turbine.

Fixed speed option – The dual shaft-end outputs of the Holden HP Turbine allows for direct drive of two generators from the turbine without the need for gearboxes or belts.

Variable speed option – The new design of Holden HP Turbines includes an adjustable speed version turbine which uses off centerline speed to meet any specific needs.

Questions and answers:

What is a two-stage turbine?
A two-stage turbine uses the same water twice, which produces more energy output than is possible with a traditional turbine. By absorbing the extra energy from the water twice, the energy output is significantly greater.

What kind of mediums can the turbine use?
It can sue a multitude of different mediums, including liquid and gaseous forms. For example, besides fresh water from a lake or river, the Holden hydro turbine can also use salt water, water with sediment, sewage, steam, gas, etc. to generate power.

How can a turbine be a cross-flow, reaction, and impulse turbine all in one?
Being both a talented engineer and inventor, Joe Holden created the first turbine that combines all three different types of turbines in one. Joe has essentially invented a single unit that combines the best attributes from the three widely used turbines along with some other unique proprietary technology and combined all of it together to create the highest efficiency hydropower in the world.

How is the turbine a variable flow when all the others are not?
The overall unique design of the turbine along with some of the proprietary as well as patented components makes this possible. The only way to appreciate this is by actually seeing a Holden HP Turbine in operation.

What do the nozzles do?
The force of the substance being emitted from the nozzles, whether it be liquid or gas and forced from the ejection nozzles in the drum, give the turbine its energy.

Why is the dam not required for the Holden Hydro Turbine?

Simply stated, the water (or with modification, gas) can be brought to the turbine instead of the turbine to the water. This is the answer to why the Holden HP Turbine can be retrofitted to dams, used on waterfalls, harnessed with run-of-river or utilized essentially anywhere the medium can be used.

What motivated Joe Holden to design the Holden HP Turbine?
Joe wanted a turbine that would work in both traditional and non-traditional settings and as a result, designed a turbine that could go where no other turbine could go. The Holden HP Turbine is a light-weight, small-sized, relatively mobile unit when compared to the enormous output that it is capable of yielding. The Holden HP Turbine is perfect for jungles, mountains, forests, and the most difficult to reach areas. However, the greatest overall impact of the Holden HP turbine design is that it now allows the opportunity to generate power without essentially any impact to the environment, allowing the delicate ecosystems in these areas that are commonly destroyed beyond recognition to continue to flourish undisturbed.

Who can benefit from the turbine’s unique design?
Those who don’t have conventional means by which to obtain the power required can now utilize this advanced hydro turbine power technology. Everyone can use these turbines in any location throughout the world without impacting the environment and benefit. But the true benefit is for our future generations because now we no longer have to compromise destroying the environment to create power for all our modern conveniences. 

What power sizes of the turbines are available?
The Holden HP Turbines will be available in 5 different sizes. Each different size will have 2 models providing for either high pressure with low volume or low pressure with high volume. Each of the 5 different sizes will be able to provide a range of power with the lowest being 25kW all the way up to 30MW units. However, the unique design of the Holden HP Turbines allow for daisy chaining the smaller units and generating any desired level of power output required. In addition, the Holden HP Turbines will be adaptable so that either an AC or a DC generator can be utilized.

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