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WET Technology- Ultimate Water Purification and Restructuring Solution 


Using multiple modalities and technology over 40 years in the making, two of the founders of Planet CPR together with two of the leading water scientists in the world have formulated the most optimum, cell resonant, photo dynamic water purification system available on the planet. The technologies used to create this water purification and restructuring system comes from multiple continents. The water is filtered using standard methods of reverse osmosis followed by carbon based filtration, then optimized by being reconfigured using electrolysis and pH being optimized, then taken through an energetic field carefully placed to re-establish original magnetic fields, followed by a highly advanced sediment filtration process reintroducing the natural mineral content of ideal water, and finally goes through a unique resonant/ion device to restructure the water molecules providing optimum benefit.

Basic WET System

The initial product offered by the Planet CPR is the Basic WET System which is currently in customer site beta testing. It consists of an advanced (and "green") 50 gpd reverse osmosis (RO) system manufactured by Next-RO with a post RO mineral filter with an inexpensive device (Stirwand) for creating functional water.Picture1

The competitive edge of the Basic WET System is based on the advanced and "green" features of the Next-RO system, such as:  

  • Wastes less water than most RO systems (1:2 water production versus 1:4 to 1:6)
  • Takes up 1/3 less space under the sink
  • RO membrane last longer because of back flush
  • Fills holding tank twice as fast as conventional RO
  • All filters are fully recyclable

A competitive advantage will also exists once the commercial mineral filter is replaced with a proprietary mineral formula designed to enhance hydration and optimize cell resonance (meeting the ideal resonant frequencies best suited to maximize and optimize cell function).

IP WET System

The future product to be offered by Planet CPR is the IP WET System. This system is identical to the Basic system except that the Stirwand will be replaced by a proprietary functional water device referred to as the IP Electrolyzer. The Company has an exclusive world-wide license to manufacture and sell this technology for under the sink applications. 01_WetTech_GA

The competitive advantage of the IP WET System is significant due to the patented IP electrolyzer which makes obsolete all other commercial electrolyzers being sold as countertop or under the counter systems. Some of the most significant advantages of the IP technology are that: 

  • The IP Wet System energizes the water 2 to 3 times more as measured by the increase in the Ionization Potential (IP)
  • The IP Wet System does not waste any water as compared to other electrolyzers which waste 30% to 50% of the water as acid water
  • The IP Wet System’s total retail price will be less than the price of most of the current electrolyzers alone which are being retailed on the market.
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