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Kryptenlite Based Advanced Windmill Solution


Just one example of Planet CPR’s already proven unique renewable energy designs, provides an innovative, trend, counter trend highly effective windmill. With a 45% greater efficiency, increased energy yield, better durability, less maintenance and higher performance, Planet CPR’s solution will revolutionize the wind power industry. The windmill will utilize the same wind twice without being effected by turbulence.

Many unique components of this windmill technology include not only the design, but the material being used to create the blades, the height requirement flexibility, and the efficiency of the turbines. Even more dramatic, power generation will begin with wind less than 4 mph (as opposed to industry standards starting power generation at 10 to 12 mph). In addition, the unique material used to manufacture the windmills is a DOD tested, application specific, rust and corrosion proof material used for the construction that is far lighter, stronger and requires less maintenance.

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